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What You Truly Possess

22 July 2008

That which only exists on one disk, you do not truly possess

Recently, the very cool video side Vimeo announced that they would no longer be allowing videos which were just samples of the gameplay of video games. Needless to say, howling and gnashing of teeth followed. I don’t have a strong opinion on it either way (except that Vimeo is completely right and the people complaining can go hang), but one of the repeated comments baffled me. To wit, “Well, how long do I have before they are deleted? I need to back them up.”

Excuse me? The only copy of something that you presumably valued, since you were willing to take the time to record it and upload it to a video site so that we could all be bothered by it, exists only on some third-party video site?


Then I encourage Vimeo to delete all of those movies now, as an object lesson in proper digital asset management. Harsh, yes, but sometimes, that kind of lesson is the only one that sticks.

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