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Thrice-Great Hermes

23 February 2009

So, I’ve settled on Mercurial as my VCS for my current software development. I looked at Git and Bazaar, and decided that Mercurial met my needs as closely as anything did. Git is, I’m sure, a thing of beauty and a joy forever, but the documentation and cultural milieu were quite oft-putting; it’s like when you joined the computer club at High School for the first time, and everyone knew about a billion times more than you, and were happy to remind you at every turn. Bazaar is, I’m sure, lovely, but I just bonded with Mercurial better.

For a good comparison of Git and Mercurial, I would recommend Git vs Mercurial: Please Relax. I would especially recommend this bit of advice at the end:

  1. Evaluate your workflow and decide which tool suits you best.
  2. Learn how to use your chosen tool as well as you possibly can.
  3. Help newbies to make the transition.
  4. Shut up about the tools you use and write some code.

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