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9 August 2009

The trailer for the sequel to Tron looks awesome.

And this gives me an opportunity to vent one of my pet peeves about the original Tron.

In Tron, you have (in essence) a battle between three programmers: Flynn (hero), Bradley (hero), and Dillinger (villain). Now, what actual programs have these three delivered, per the movie?

  1. Flynn: Some games (and those he wrote after hours on the company’s computer).
  2. Bradley: A pretty bad-ass security program.
  3. Dillinger: An operating system which becomes sentient.

Unsporting though it may be of me, I know which one I’d hire. With appropriate code reviews, of course.

Murphy at 05:55, 9 August 2009:

I dunno, I can’t help but think Dillinger probably stole code. Besides, if you want to make money, multiple platform games is your ticket.