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9 March 2011


Django and PostgreSQL at PostgreSQL Conference East

I’ll be giving a full day tutorial about developing Django applications using PostgreSQL. If you are just getting started with Django, this is a great introduction; it is intended for developers who are just getting into serious Django/PG development.

It’ll cover general development in Django, with a lot of PostgreSQL-specific details.

And, of course, the whole conference will be a fount of great PostgreSQL geekery.

8 March 2011


“Anatomy of a Crushing”

A fun and interesting article about a sudden burst in traffic at Pinboard when Yahoo! announced they were shutting down Delicious. Relevant to app and DB designers everywhere.

25 February 2011


“10 Ways to Kill Performance”

The slides from my talk, “10 Easy Ways to Destroy Performance” from PgDay at SCALE 9X are available.

15 February 2011


“10 Easy Ways to Destroy Performance” at pgDay at SCALE-9X

I’ll be presenting a talk on “10 Easy Ways to Destroy Performance” at pgDay at SCALE-9X, on February 25th in Los Angeles.


“Django Development with PostgreSQL” at PostgreSQL Conference East

I’ll be presenting a full-day tutorial on Django Development with PostgreSQL at PostgreSQL Conference East, March 22-25 in New York!

4 February 2011


PostgreSQL for Servoy Developers

The slides from my presentation on PostgreSQL for Servoy Developers, presented at ServoyWorld 2011, are available here.

31 December 2010


Nobody Here But Us Chickens: Google and Lies We Tell Ourselves

tl;dr: If you make a tradeoff, be honest about it. Don’t lie to yourself that you are making a positive architectural decision when you make a negative tradeoff.

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22 December 2010


Extra columns when doing .distinct() in a Django QuerySet

tl;dr: If you are doing a .distinct() query and limiting the results using .values() or .values_list(), you may be in for a surprise if your model has a default ordering using the Meta value ordering. You probably want to clear the ordering using .order_by() with no parameters.

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Getting the ID of Related Objects in Django

tl;dr: Don’t retrieve a whole row just to get the primary key you had anyway. Don’t iterate in the app; let the database server do the iteration for you.

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17 December 2010


Why I run qmail

There’s a very nasty root exim exploit in the wild.

Updated: To be fair to the hard-working exim team, this bug was fixed some time ago.

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