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PostgreSQL When It’s Not Your Job at DjangoCon Europe

4 June 2012

My presentation PostgreSQL When It’s Not Your Job from DjangoCon Europe 2012 is now available here.

Reinout van Rees at 05:05, 4 June 2012:

Thanks for posting the slides! I’ve updated my summary with a link to them.

Oliver Rehburg at 13:59, 4 June 2012:

Really impressive presentation here in Zurich today.

Fabian at 12:35, 20 June 2012:

Hi Christophe,

interesting slides! But can you give a short feedback on the comment here:

I’m also thinking that the other way around (creating a column NULL, then populating afterwards) would make more sense. But I’m no DB guru at all. Maybe we’re wrong and you can clarify that a little bit.


Xof at 12:39, 20 June 2012:

The slides actually say “create the column as not NOT NULL”; that’s probably slightly too complex a wording.

Andrzej at 02:32, 11 July 2012:

Hi, do you plan to publish your Euro Python 2012 presentation: “Django Under Massive Loads” as well? It was very interesting and I want to watch it again, unfortunatelly I can’t find video from it.